The robots exhibition

In 2000, based on experience with P3, Honda presented Asimo (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility), a robot exhibition represents the culmination of 14 years of research. It was designed under the direction of the engineer Masato Hirose. This small autonomous android measure 1.20 meters and weighs 53 kg. It moves at 1.6 km / h but it is capable of running a moderate pace (12 kph), skipping, dancer and ascend or descend stairs. Admittedly, sometimes it even rate a march through the public representation, but we do so, the difference qu’Asimo can not even stand up alone.
But although it is a robot, and see the warning, showing signs of intelligence and then dropped onto a trap and be unable to recover any revealed the impotence of men to inject life and reflexes fundamentals. At the same time fascinating and pathetic, he fell on the stairs revealed how much was still a long way towards creating a completely autonomous android. Asimo is currently involved in various international events, so its performance is amazing and have appealed to the public.
Honda has produced a score of copies of Asimo. They are not for sale but can be rented for presentations. Thus IBM Japan, the Science Museum in Tokyo and two other companies have already hired the services of Asimo for the modest sum of $ 163000 per annum.
Asimo has a competitor since 2005, the robot Hubo, manufactured by the Korean team headed by Professor Oh Jun-Ho. Hubo is able to use sign language as shown in this video posted on Google.En 2005, Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro of Intelligent Robotic Laboratory at Osaka University developed the android female presented Repliee Q1 above. Very realistic point of confusing his interlocutors, this robot can articulate, moving his arms and chest under the movements of his lungs. This prototype will be followed by the Repliee versions R1 and Q2.
In 2006, the Japanese Institute for Science and Advanced Technology (AIST) Tsukuba presented “HRP-2 Promet, a humanoid robot which looks like a Goldorak measuring 1.54m in 58 kg, you can serve a fruit juice and ‘remove obstacles. The robot is proposed rented by Kawada Industries.
In October 2006, the company Kokoro Sanrio Group, which specializes in animatronic, presented his “actroide” DER2 shown above, a guide rather sexy women in realistic equally surprising and enjoying a wide range of expressions. The robot can be rented for the sum of $ 3500 for 5 days. But do not you think again. If Q1 and DER2 seem very realistic, these women have not androids a breath of humanity and breathing through an artificial lung. Under their skin rubber, this is still a skeleton of metal quite classic on which are set dozens of pistons tyres and sensors. Their eyes and their hearts are as cold a silicon chip.
In 2007, a company researcher Minoru Asada, Hiroshi Configures developed CB2, a robot barde of 197 tactile sensors and actuators 51 compressed air, the whole being covered with artificial skin gray and can be seen at right.
CB2, an acronym for “Child-robot with Biomimetic Body,” is able to simulate the behavior of a baby and can be seen in this report and published it on You Tube. CB2 reacts to the rumors, it balbutie you look, rolling on his back, bat in the arms and legs, and may even take a few steps if you cheer. A new software should allow him to walk and talk like a child of 3 years. CB2 is still a big baby: it measures 1.30 m and weighs 33 kg and you never give affection.
However, researchers have not been insensitive to the public interest for new technologies and have developed robots for domestic use or fun.