Neuro Anatomy – Intro

The iAS has developed and produced a number of breathtaking exponats for the world fair Expo2000. Ahead of all, the “virtual human being”, but also installations for the thematic area “humankind” which deals with a wide variety of facets of human life. For this area, the iAS produced the multimedia installations “The time cube” (“Der Zeitwürfel”), “The fingerprints of thinking” (“Fingerabdruck des Denkens”), “The control loop of laughter” (“Regelkreis des Lachens”) and “The 3D Box” (“3D-Würfel”). These expressive and profound multimedia productions show the visitor his body and soul from a different viewpoint and give new insights into the fascinating world of the human brain.

The Virtual Human Being
The Control Loop of Laughter
Fingerprint of Thinking
The 3D Box
The Time Cube