Robot supports man in his approach

Image HondaIn Japan, advances in robotics are at heart of new devices health adapted to an ageing society. It’s been a decade that the Japanese Honda automotive group had launched a research program to develop a device walking aid for the elderly and all those with mobility problems. Thanks to ASIMO, a humanoid robot research biped whose invention has required studying the works of man, this apparatus walking aid should soon be operational. It is still in the feasibility study but it is progressing quickly since it will now be tested in conjunction with doctors on patients during rehabilitation sessions to help them move efficiently and safely. Sensors angle hip
Honda has thus linked to hospital-Kasumigaseki Minaz to verify the effectiveness and benefits of the aircraft. The latter is placed over the size and thighs with a belt. Through sensors angle hip, a processor can communicate movements to the engine while the latter must provide the amount of assistance needed for the realization of the gesture. In this way, the approach of the user is elongated and efforts reduced. The aircraft is equipped with a command and control is extremely slight, since only weighs two kilograms and a half.
Two hours of battery
It has a battery of autonomy than two hours if you walk at an average speed of four kilometers hour. Honda has already set his aircraft to support the march at various exhibitions, including in Osaka in April 2008, under the Trade Fair on Barrier Free Equipment and Rehabilitation for the Elderly and the Disabled (international exhibition of equipment for people Older and disabled), and Nagoya, when Welfare 2008. Many visitors were then able to test the device and give their opinion. We do not yet know the price nor the date of his eventual commercialization.