Sumo Robot Kits are perfect for getting a jump start on your next competition.

Sumo RobotsAbout the Sumo Robots
The Lynx motion 3kg Sumo Robot Kits are perfect for getting a jump start on your next competition. The main problem people face when getting started in Robot Sumo is with the mechanical construction of the rolling chassis. Lynx motion has several rolling chassis kits specifically designed for Robot Sumo. Choose between competition tested 2WD, 4WD, or 6WD designs. To further fine tune your robot choose between two voltages, and two gear reductions for the motors. Lynx motion is currently developing combo kits for all of the sumo robots. We are including all of the electronics to make the robots autonomous. However, the robot will require additional work on the scoop before it will be competition ready. These robots actually perform very well, having received 1st place at several events. Images to the right are some of the prize winning sumos that were built from the kits.

The Mechanics
The robot chassis is made from ultra-tough laser-cut Lexan structural components, and custom aluminum brackets. The body panels are available in black or clear. The robot includes either 7.2vdc or 12vdc gear head motors, with either 30:1 or 50:1 gear reduction.

Controlling the Robots
The robot can be controlled with a dual motor controller and an RC set for remote control operation. Autonomous operation can be achieved by adding a dual motor controller, a micro-controller and sensors. The book “Robot Sumo: The Complete Guide” is strongly recommended for any sumo robot enthusiast.

To keep costs down we are not providing printed Assembly Guides. They are provided online, so you will need to print them when you order the kits. By providing the Assembly Guides online we can provide more detailed and up to date information than the old hardcopy method allowed. The Assembly Guides can be found at the bottom of this page.

Viper Sumo Kit (no electronics)
* Affordable 2WD Sumo Rolling Chassis
* Bullet Proof Laser-cut Lexan
* Aluminum Reinforced Chassis Design

* Precision laser cut Lexan structural components
* Aluminum Reinforcement Bars
* Mechanical hardware
* 2-7/8″ Wheels and Hubs (2)
* Gear Head Motors (2)

Motor Options & Approx. Vehicle Speed

* GHM-01 12vdc 30:1 – 32.8″ per Second
* GHM-02 12vdc 50:1 – 19.7″ per Second
* GHM-03 7.2vdc 30:1 – 50.4″ per Second
* GHM-04 7.2vdc 50:1 – 24.9″ per Second

Body Panel Options
* Clear Lexan
* Black Lexan

Note: if a preference is not made, GHM-02 12vdc 50:1 motors and Clear Lexan body panels will be shipped. Please e-mail the preference to when ordering.

* Book Robot Sumo: The Complete Guide (RSB-01)

* Width = 19.9cm
* Length = 19.1cm
* Height = 10.8cm
* Weight = 2lbs 4oz (without batteries and electronics)

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