A robot priest in South Korea

DAEJEON, South Korea (AFP) – Last Sunday, a robot played master of ceremonies wedding in South Korea. According to its creators, is a world first. The robot has celebrated the wedding of Seok Gyeong-Jae, one of the engineers who participated in its design and wife in the city of Daejeon 130 kilometers south of Seoul.
This is the Tiro, master of ceremonies for our marriage, today the robot has a body shaped like a cone, two arms and a face composed of a glass with dark eyes and a mouth flashing lights – said to guests smile.
With a male voice, the robot introduced the couple to the crowd, left the couple to embrace, and then made its programmed functions.
The builders of the robot, Robotics Hanool announce that Tiro is the first robot world to have an officer in a ceremony of marriage.
After his marital duties, Tiro, whose value is estimated at 215,000 dollars, will be upgraded to perform various other functions.
Other small robots also attended the ceremony to guide guests or give information.
Robots South Korea is also entrusted with the tasks more difficult. Last month, it was reported that a robot OFRO would be deployed as a supervisor in a school, which has also been declared as a world first. And last September, the latest government officials have unveiled a robot sentry edge, bearing weapons, which could come as reinforcements of troops patrolling along the border North Korea.