American has created a robotic head of Einstein

robotic head of EinsteinAmerican David Hanson (David Hanson) presented at the TED conference a robot created in the form of the head of Albert Einstein. The robot not only looks similar to the dead more than 50 years ago, a scientist, but also copies of his facial expressions.  

Hanson Robotics can smile, frown, wink, and laugh. Mimicry “Einstein’s head depends on the reactions of others, as the robot detects more than a dozen facial movements using two cameras. Latest disguised eyes.

Inside the robot there were 32 motor, which are responsible for facial expressions. In some cases, they offer greater flexibility than 48 human facial muscles. Robot control software developed by University of California scientists.

In mid-November 2008, British scientists reported the robot Jules, which can recognize and play ten mimic human motions. Like a robot, David Hanson, Jules is a man’s head without the body. Inside the robot with 34 motor.

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