Robots Koreans are ready to flood the world market

We had talked for over a year now robots Koreans, and policy tools available to start-ups to create robots sold in record time. Korea has kept its promises: the robot Irob Q, from one of them is ready, you can now make the acquisition.
In the laboratories of Yujin Robot, the Q runs Irob researchers to its final test before its commercialization. Fruit of four years of intensive research of the start-up, the robot 45 cm may teach English, sing, read the news and weather to which it accesses through its network connectivity. It also has monitoring functions that enable owners to observe the interior of their home remotely.
The company president, Shin Kyung-chul, is quite confident in his product. “The Irob Q has already been observed and adopted by young children in nurseries,” says there.Although countries have the world renowned researchers and highly qualified workforce in much greater numbers with the available forces in Korea, the parade is that it can leave the robots operational, commercially viable, faster and much cheaper than its competitors.
For example, at the CES, which took place in Las Vegas last January, the robot UBOT of Microrobots was awarded a prize for innovation. This robot vacuum cleaner is very astute in the landmark space through barcodes placed in the floor. The robot can carry out cleaning tasks with great efficiency.