South Korea is developing an autonomous robot

The Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) has indicated that it had reached last December, to develop and test a mobile robot that can navigate the city and in non-urban areas without human assistance.
KIST said his robot is equipped with an integrated GPS, a laser image scanner, a compass and a control mechanism that allows movement of a certain autonomy of action.The device was tested on a one-kilometer route in which no deviation has been made by Mr. Kang Sung-Chul , Chief Engineer of the robotics team of the institute. “Securo” has reached a speed of 5.4 km / h during the test phase. The expert said that the mobile robots previously had to be controlled remotely by an operator because the GPS is ineffective near buildings or in forests. “Securo” has other benefits according to its designers, it may in particular use a laser guidance system to determine its exact position and establish his route. The robot can also replace the civilian security guards, extinguish fires and participate in rescue operations after the navigation tools and adaptation to the ground have been improved .It may also be used to supply the troops and be used as sentinel surveillance.
The team The team of Pr Prof. KANG had already developed the robot remotely used by Korean troops in northern Iraq to detect and remove hazardous materials.