The future of robot technology

Astro Boy” as in, have a look similar to humans, and all-purpose robot that can do everything a human is far beyond. However, robotic technology is broad, deep and rear. It also took out some of it can be used effectively to limit the scene. Depending on the needs of society, progress and development of robots that act as a private individual, will be used in different places, you can expect the development of new robotic technology stack based on them.

For example, for high-end boutique “mannequin robot moves” that are already developed. 記SE exhibit to show the clothes in the window, has been effectively used to produce movement. People walking the streets is probably closer感ZURU anyone can see, they are not only experts can handle, while the general public seems to have grown up with, are actually skillfully isolated. FUMAETA on the current state of robot technology, which needs a subtle concept.

Year of 2005, as would be expected to support the further development of IT technology will be robotic technology. Dissemination of high-speed fiber optic network it may be leading the world. Mobile computers with built-in-the-art television cameras, which are connected to the network in the world. Human species and the Order of the robot via the network and can receive assistance. The industrial product is called a tiny RFID tag IC should have put a chip on their product information, can easily read on the radio. The robot will be able to understand whether there is any certainty around without relying on visual processing difficulties.

To incorporate the intelligence and sense-all variety and delicate like a human and not a single robot can not be so for some time in the future. Capability of single robot is still nowhere near the man, it made it easier to work if built into the advanced information society. The technology used in GPS navigation system, or anywhere else on earth, can know exactly the position themselves. Place a large number of vision systems to the streets more, they can tell the robot to recognize and observe the robot and its surroundings, the robot can act even without a visual. The building walls and sidewalks, the buildings here and there or they put the RFID tag, can they do to supply the necessary information to act on the robot. These are to renovate the city for a kind of robot, a huge cost. Automotive also essential to modern society, public roads and highways, sidewalks and pedestrian bridge, and support facilities such as car navigation systems and navigation signals, can be used comfortably and effectively with the first gas station and repair shop. Public investment has been huge for the car so far. Public investment is needed for the same robot. Shown in the figure is the image of the city of the future that people and robots coexist.

Commensurate with the effect of public investment for the robot. When they realize the home robot, the elderly and the general public to receive services and it was not. Robot industry is going to be a huge industry with a very broad base to create jobs. The robot is designed to produce general-purpose machine that requires various parts industry. When the use of a more family life is, and will require extensive software development staff for each, would require a lot of technical improvements and repairs and . They hope the day will support key industries in the Japanese economy is not fancy robot.