Wheelie, Robot ready to serve you by Toshiba

wheelie_1Toshiba will realize your dreams: Wheelie is a robot that can carry your food and drinks from your kitchen, directly from your sofa without having to get up. The Wheelie just been presented at the Science Museum of Toshiba last March 10.

This robot is Toshiba Wheelie balancing on two wheels to how a Segway (gyropode). But it has an added advantage, small retractable wheels on the front and back to will retain and prevent tipping which could suffer damage to the robot after a power outage for example.

The robot is equipped withstereo camera on top and thata laser rangefinder in the chest, allowing him to find his way through the obstacles.

The video demonstration above shows the robot with a plate of meat and vegetables on his head that he must keep in perfect balance during the journey to the recipient. To make things worse, the robot must pass a series of obstacles as a small bridge (with slope upward and downward) and a porch where he will lower his head.

The robot also knows manage the centrifugal force order not to lose bits leaning slightly in the corners. The demonstration is impressive.

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