“Robodex2000, a • so • bot in p3 parade protest”

ROBODEX2000Between 24 and 26 November 2000, at Pacifica Yokohama exhibition futuristic robots “ROBODEX2000” was held. The announcement of the news every day into the robot in November, this event was just heating up the heat in the robot, it started great, better than expected half an hour waiting for the venue entrance. Central hall three times a day at 1 A · SO · BOT Street parade held in the robot, the column of people who can see the robot moving at a glance, humane (?) Full demonstration of our robot, too much of your visitors It seems exciting. The humanoid robot was announced on May 20, 11 “ASIMO” was also unveiled and demonstrated the first.

Be held three times a day 1 A · SO · BOT in the parade, P3 robot body movement other than four, divided much let the audience. This time, the venue of the space A · SO · BOT Street as a runway, we move the robot, the customer, and to enclose the space, see a demonstration of our robot Itadakimashita.

ROBODEX2000-1Our most recently appeared in the P3 robot, A · SO · BOT Street Honda started from the right side of the tower. CM familiar song together down the steps, Street goes to the center has raised both hands in greeting. Some of you are walking in front of people without the charm Rimaki footsteps while P3 in the state of digital cameras and camcorders, have seen many people shot.

Finally, our robot, waving red card. Amid applause from the customer, P3 and greeting visitors raised both hands in water too, the parade is over.

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