Robot frying pancakes

Robot frying pancakesAt the international exhibition of technologies in the field of gastronomy, which was recently held in Tokyo, the company Toyo Riki (Osaka, Japan) presented a robot, baked pancakes. In Japan they are called okonomiyaki. Robot Motoman SDA10 in a metal flask he mixes and beat all the ingredients, then puts the right amount of dough on a hot plate. After some time a special shovel, which he “himself” takes a “handsĀ», Motoman flips a pancake, waiting for full readiness, and submits to the table. ” Such a “sleight of hand” robot offers seven joints in each.

In addition to okonomiyaki, cooked by a robot are perfectly round shape – especially for discerning palates, Motoman asked with a sauce client would like a pancake.

Robot chef Motoman SDA10 with “growth” 135 cm weighs 220 kilograms and specially designed to take place in the kitchen next to the professional masters cooking pancakes.

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