Robot KASPAR for children with autism

Garage is developing robots PR2In recent times there is information about the robots that help children with autism.Here’s another project – a robot with artificial skin KASPAR (Kinesics and Synchronization in Personal Assistant Robotics), which is designed for work and studies of children with autism.

It is known that children with autism have problems with communication – visual and tactile. The idea of a robot is to entrust a robot KASPAR and – especially on his skin – tactile interaction with the child. A tactile sensors allow the robot KASPAR skin to detect and distinguish different types of tactile communication and, accordingly, in a certain way to interact with the child.

Professor Kerstin Dauntenhan (Kerstin Dautenhahn) with his team, the team at the University (University’s School of Computer Science) has been working for three years in a project to develop robots with artificial skin Roboskin with tactile sensors. And the project itself is part of the European consortium.

Note, we have previously written about Mishalovski Marek (Marek Michalowski), uses a small robot Keepon in the treatment of autism.

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