Asimo Robot: a new version that runs faster and is the coffee!

asimo-cafeThe Japanese carmaker Honda has unveiled the latest version of the biped robot, Asimo. This has improved its performance movement: it runs faster, and he knows now serving coffee to visitors! From spring 2006, Honda is using Asimo as assistant reception or transmission properties at the headquarters of Honda and CEO, Mr Takeo Fukui dream qu’Asimo enters the home by 10 years, with an artificial intelligence more developed.
The new things the Honda robot can do is to give its movements to those of his human partner, and run faster, or 6 km / h after the first 3 steps, the equivalent speed of brisk walking humans. The first improvement allows the robot to walk next to a man holding her hand, pushing a cart, and carry a tray of coffee.To do this, Honda has added a recognition function of its environment using vision sensors and sensors on the soles of the robot. In addition, the robot can recognize up to ten people, thanks to a smart card contactless special significance to humans. Asimo may well welcome to the Japanese, or receive property from a person with a good pace, thanks to its image sensor and dynamic integrated sensors on his wrists. Thus, it became capable of carrying a tray of cups of coffee. These sensors also allow the dynamic robot to push a cart weighing up to 10 Kg

His new physical performance allows it to move faster. He runs 2 times faster than the previous version, 6 Km / h instead of 3 km / h. While her feet do not touch the ground, where he advanced to 5 cm in 0.08 seconds, Honda has improved notably the ‘algorithm of the upper body to actively monitor its position. Thus, it can take a turn running at a speed of 5 km / h.
Honda considers reaching its first objective of development at the physical level, with this new version of Asimo. On the one hand, the automaker is working on artificial intelligence robot, in order to bring robots to homes within 10 years, and secondly, it will use the acquired technology through robotics development – such position control, image recognition and voice, the prediction of collision – the car