Isaac Asimov, Robots and Artificial Intelligence

tn62_476b48d6859ebIsaac Asimov has a strong scientific spirit and part of that generation novelist standing at the forefront of technology and its times. The content of these novels is affected: the magnificent stories in which reflections on humanity and artificial intelligence, detailed descriptions and imagination structured, complex puzzles that we tape up the end of each book …

Isaac has built, through his novels, a universe. Each novel can be read independently. But there’s mostly links between each novel. To give an example: one of them tells the story of a crime committed on a planet resolutely peaceful. The investigation was resolved to the 2040s and has been a great novel.

Another novel, a priori completely different, recounts the search for Earth, a galaxy population that has forgotten the origins of world civilization in this way star wars is gone, the archive does not mention. A passionate historian and politician exiled head start in investigating the origin of a legend: According to this legend, a planet would have existed before, she was alone, and there were only on this planet than men lived. During their journey through the legends recalling the original planets, they fall on a particular story, recalled from generation to generation, but nobody thinks of the truth. an old story: once a crime had occurred on Solaria. A man on the planet would have committed the original crime …

This is one example. The majority of these books has many links between them, some stories take place before mankind, others in our time, others a few millennia later. All together are both independent and related …

You’ve probably heard of Asimov. The first walking robot, Asimo, was built in Japan and it was dedicated. I Robot, with Will Smith, Bicentennial Man with Robin Williams … as many films whose origin is Asimov.

The concept of creating life before Asimov was frankenstein, robots or creators turning inexorably against their creator. Asomov invented the three laws of robotics, foundations of AI programs, written in the source code of all robots and all artificial intelligence:

1 – A robot can not harm a human being
2 – A robot must obey any other human being, unless it comes into conflict with the law 1
3 – A robot must protect itself unless it contradicts one of the two previous laws

From these three laws, Asimov would imagine novels undermining the spirit of these robots and these players ^ ^. when it comes time to choose between the good of humanity and the life of one man …. what choice?

short, read! Asimov is recognized as one of the greatest science fiction writers of the last century. He was particularly contemporary and friend of Einstein, Von Neumann to whom we owe the first controller that breed, or Turing, the father of artificial intelligence. These books will eat without restraint