Roofus, the robot driving snow

The designer Michal Glogowski robot offers a 220 pounds which helps prevent the accumulation of snow on flat roofs to buildings. Appointed ROOFUS, this robot can be controlled either remotely or be completely autonomous. Blades placed in front of the hood allows it to collect the snow but also to break the ice that would be too strong. Once the container in which the robot stores the snow is full (it can store up to 250kg!)

To use a system dump to get rid of them on the side of the building or in a garbage dump. In addition to saving the tingling fingers and countless hours of work to humans, ROOFUS can be fitted with devices enabling it to mow the lawn, sweep driveways or polishing the floor!

Despite these many features, it seems that some technical details could still be reviewed, but that does not move Roofus currently reviewing its compliance …