And on Earth and in space robot is ready to help people Robonaut2

robotWithin three years, U.S. Agency for Space Research, NASA and General Motors’ razrabyvali robot astronaut Robonaut new generation. February 3, 2010 he was presented to the public. Robonaut2 (R2) of unparalleled power for humanoid robots – with both hands he is able to lift and carry handling objects weighing up to 9 kg (20 pounds), even in her outstretched hands.

This allows the robot to perform the operation, which other robots can not cope. R2 will be able to work in space and on Earth. In NASA expects that robots will be a good assistant to astronauts in the implementation of various works. At the same time General Motors intends to use the technologies developed for the robot Robonaut, at its factories.

Previous Version of NASA’s Robonaut robot began to create in 2000 with funds of the Office of promising research programs. However, R1 was not designed to work in space.