Can zhemannichat robot?

robot HIROCan zhemannichat robot? Previously – no. Today – maybe. For example, recently in Japan, several organizations submitted a joint project – a robot KOBIAN.

This – a humanoid robot that uses his body to express a wide range of emotions. So, KOBIAN can express seven different emotions: joy, surprise, sadness, confusion, resentment …). The robot is a man these kinds of emotions, moving his lips, eyelids and eyebrows in the relevant provisions, as well as changing the position of limbs, head and torso.

To express admiration, for example, the robot raises its soft flexible hand to his head, opens her eyes wide and mouth. To show the sadness, robot stooping, inclines his head and keeps his hand from a person in a gesture of grief.

Developers say they were given this opportunity “body language” at it, that he interacted with people and helping them in everyday activities.

By the way, we have previously written about NEXI – a robot that can express emotions. This robot was developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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