Korean teacher of English – robot VANI

robotAsian robots rush hard in school – especially for younger students and middle managers. Recently, we wrote about a Japanese robot NIT, specializing in teaching physics and mathematics. Now represents the robot VANI (Variety, Ability and Intimacy), established by the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST – Korea Institute of Science & Technology) in partnership with CTS (Creative Technical Services).

Robot VANI – linguist, designed for stand-alone teaching children English. He has an adequate vocabulary for translation from one language to another, and 12-inch touch-screen LSD on the chest can demonstrate the things that need to be properly called in English. Growth VANI – 120 centimeters, weight – 40 kg.

It was first presented to the public at the exhibition Robot World 2008. Since then, the robot has been significantly improved – especially in terms of security. Developers are planning widespread adoption robot VANI in schools in the first semester of 2010.