Lack of manpower to fill in robots

1252825392_robot-prodavez-2Significant reduction in the number of working age population is pushing Japan to the extensive use of robots, reports the BBC. Already today there is a shortage of workers. To correct the situation in the future and to simulate the birth rate, the Government has significantly increased the monthly child allowance for child care – up to $ 270 per month. The question of attracting labor from abroad, as in Japan today in the real sector employs only 2% of foreign workers. This is the lowest in the world among developed countries. For comparison – in the U.S. it is 15%, and the UK – 10%. But the main step to remedy the situation, experts believe a large-scale use of robots. Already robots “learn” to replace people in medicine and the social sphere. In shops they tell buyers about the merits of goods, helping select and purchase products. Hospitals robots perform duties of nurse-nurse – serving drugs help seriously ill to get out of bed and may even need to bring them to the appointed place. There are robots that “work” in hospitals registrars. The Government of Japan today, chooses a course of greater use of “labor” robots in the economy and social sphere in order to correct the situation with the lack of manpower.

Autonomous robot An9-PR produced by Sohgo Security Services helps customers choose a product shop.

Robot-pharmacist of Panasonic in a hospital for 400 places in Tokyo, gave medicine to all patients in just two hours.