Nogohodyaschy military robot Petman

Nogohodyaschy military robot PetmanIt just so happened that today in the American armed forces are armed with ground-based robots Talon and Packbot, which look like boxes with caterpillars. That’s right – because implementation of specialized military function requires an appropriate design. But the military – the same people and would like to be close to a humanoid robot. For existing military robots difficult fit in the world of men: for example, find it difficult to turn the handles and the wheels get stuck on obstacles that just jump on his feet.

And so the American military support research in the field of android robots. One of the military leaders of the American humanoid robot from the company Petman manufacturer Boston Dynamics (which is developing a robot BigDog).

The robot will test his military clothes for chemical protection. Unlike previous models of test robots Petman will walk – he on his own feet. Petman will accurately simulate human movement, and will simulate the physiological condition of a person in a protective suit, by monitoring temperature, humidity and sweating, if necessary. So that the robot is able to provide enough realistic testing conditions.

Designing a robot to last 13 months and 17 months – its manufacturer. The finished product is delivered in 2011. After this, robots are likely to find other applications, and will use them not only to test clothing.

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