Resulted in a robot to replace U.S. troops

According to the magazine Rue89, the U.S. military in Afghanistan currently testing a robot called BigDog.

This machine imposing physical and noise disturbing, is composed of several sensors that allow it to move anywhere, anytime, without fear of tripping over bumps or dips. Created by the company Boston Dynamics, the robot was initially designed to prevent a soldier from falling into an ambush. It can be manipulated to 500 meters away, walking at 6 km / h, reaches climb slopes at 35 degrees and can carry up to 140 kilos of equipment.

BigDog is currently not used to kill, but might have to perform this task, without remorse and with the deepest cold.

According to John Pike, director of cited in an article by Rue89, these robots could soon increase the cruelty of war, since according to him, the soldiers did not put a human to take on other human beings.