ASIMO Birthday Party 2nd November 2009

EC108305Honda engineering team started to research and development of the biped humanoid robot, representing a unique approach to the Challenge of Mobility, as follow-up to the existing technologies such as the development of two and four wheeled vehicles and product application of general purpose as power products.
The basic concept the Honda engineering team tried to build was the robot should be like in human society and began on the new technology for the home usage. “As a result of continuous research, the design team concluded that the robot had to be capable of performing functions such as moving through furnished rooms and going up and down stairs, and focus on the “biped mobile function” that correspond to the basics of human mobility.
The design team decided that the robot should employ biped mobility technology to make it compatible with most type of terrain including very rough surfaces, setting their sigh high, Honda engineers, thus accumulated innovative technologies for an “autonomous biped robot” which was considered far from realistic that time.
A number of technical challenges have been aimed at one goal, to make a new type of robot that would be used in daily life.Honda will continue to take on the challenge also into the future, to offer a new dimension in mobility by creating a robot that can coexist and cooperate with humans and ultimately benefit society.”

ASIMO is the humanoid robot which is created by Honda Motor at Honda’s Research & Development Wako Fundamental Technical Research Center in Japan. His name in full is “Advanced Step in Innovative MObility”
ASIMO Apearance:
– Height = 130cm
– Weight = 54kg
– Width= 45 cm
– Depth= 37 cm
– Battery= Lithium Ion 51.8 V/ 6 kg 3 hours to fully charge. It located as ASIMO’s backpack

His Ability:
– Walking speed= 2.7km/hr
– Walking speed while carry thing weight 1kg= 1.6km/hr
– Running speed= 6km/hr
– Cycle Running speed= 5km/hr
– Grasp objects
– Degrees of freedom= 34 (three in the head, seven in each arm, two in each hand, one in the torso, six in each leg)

Technology for his Recognition:
– Moved objects Recognition: ASIMO can detect the moved objects by using the camera in his head. With this ability he can follow a person, or greet a person when they approach.- Postures and gestures Recognition: ASIMO can react to and be directed by the natural movements of human beings. This enables him to react what people is making a gesture infront of him. For example, he can recognize when somebody raise hand to shake hand with him or when somebody waves and he will respond by waving to them accordingly.
– Recognition of Environment: ASIMO can recognize the objects and terrain of his environment for his safety and the human nearby him. Such as, recognizing stairs. And stop walking and then start by avoid hitting humans or other moving objects.
Sounds Distinguishition: ASIMO can identify the source of sounds, and he can distinguish between voices and other sounds. When soneone calls his name, he can respond to, and he also can face to people when being spoken to, Moreover, he can also respond to questions, by nodding his head, a shake of the head.
– Face Recognition: ASIMO can recognize faces. He can recognize individually around 10 different faces. Once they are registered he can address them by name.