Mutant Machines

jugo-para-dolor-cabezaMutant Machines is a Television series shown on the Granada Men and Motors satellite channel. It is Scrapheap Challenge meets Combat Cars. Two teams of three people were given the task of creating a powerful, useful, motoring related machine from two or more donor machines. One challenge was to make a four wheel drive, four wheel steering car from two front wheel drive cars. The teams then had to run a race and a manoevreability contest. Another contest was to use a car to make a fast beer can crusher.

The presenter was Louise Brady and I was the series resident expert. Louise went on to present Mechannibals so we met again when I was a contestant on one of the shows. Mechannibals is to be shown on BBC2 in the Autumn of 2005. Also involved with Mechannibals were Ian Watts and Alan Gribble who were technical assistants to the teams. Ian and Alan are well know as the creators of Big Brother and PussyCat respectively from Robot Wars.