A humanoid robot to imitate human emotions-Videoconferencing

Bristol, England – A team of scientists from the Robotics Laboratory of Bristol developed the first humanoid able to imitate the facial expressions and lip movements of a human observing.

Jules, it is called, is appointed as a head and neck but can instantly copy the movement faces of people he observes with video cameras and tiny electronic motors hidden under the skin of his face. It can crack a wide smile, grin, riding his forehead and “talk” with the software it is equipped, and that translates into real-time human expressions he observes through his eyes equipped with video cameras. 

Jules proceeds by mimicry by converting video images into digital commands that allow engines dotting its synthetic skin to produce so-called mirror movements. It can handle up to 25 frames per second for an ultra-realistic results in real time.

The project, called ‘human-robot interaction has been developed at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL). Three and a half years were needed for the team of robotics engineers at the origin of the “birth” to Jules Chris Melhuish, Neill Campbell and Peter Jaeckel-to develop this software that can make the robot interact with humans .

See the video: http://www.zigonet.com/robot/incroyable-ce-robot-imite-nos-expressions-en-nous-observant_art2660.html

and photos: http://www.zigonet.com/robot/decouvrez-jules-un-robot-humanoide-capable-d-039-imiter-nos-expressions-en-nous-observant_art2659.html