HIRO humanoid robot

kloetzeHIRO is cultivated and hardware development of our humanoid robot ever, HRP-2 Promet (Puromete) remodeling experience in the maintenance of the rental business, people close to the operating range from inexpensive and practical Hyumanoidorobottopurattofomu upper body is able to study human-sized.

Addition, HIRO cameras added to the (external) through a combination of equipment, such as environmental awareness, people actually like living in a human-robot collaborative activities to operate in an environment, robot safety technology, such as interactive voice recognition and image recognition and synthesis and technology have become important in the field of industrial robots and service robots in the future, next-generation robot systems, hardware, and software such as the ideal platform for research.

We have developed in collaboration with the Industrial Technology Research Institute, so far as two-legged humanoid robot HRP-series, targeted offers many academic institutions. Based on our experience in this, HIRO robot platform positioned starter set for a new study of human size, it is said that the technical challenges in next-generation robots to safely coexist with humans in human environments We hope to accelerate the development and commercialization of robotic research collaboration.