Robosapien V3 RS Media operation

Robosapien RS Media – is a complete multimedia robotic experiment with unique capabilities.

RS Media brings technology to life. Plays mp3 and mpeg4, and can do video and photos, interact with the environment. His head built-in camera, color LCD-monitor integrated into the housing, quality of dynamics and even a sub-woofer, 40 mob of its own memory and a slot for additional memory cards. A controller in his hands you can play java-games, manage rich media menu, to change his personality (RS Media, Service Bot 3000, Space Bot, and Billy-Joen Sapien) or create their own identity, using the software.

RS Media can walk around the house, effectively “seeing” with infrared vision. If the robot “hears” sound, it will begin to explore the cause and source of the sound.


Robosapien V3 RS Media operation– LCD-screen – high-quality TFT 1,9 “, 16 bit color, 176 x 132 pixels, which can show that the robot sees in the head chamber-Ability to record video and photo

– 11-Quilted speakers on hand, a sub-woofer on the back

– Sound sensor – 2 microphones for sound localization, a microphone for recording mp3

– Operating System – Linux Embedded OS

– Private memory – 40 MB

– Slot for SD-card memory (up to 1 GB, SD-card not included)

– USB-connect to a PC

– PC-Software

  • It can display images or MPEG video, recorded by the user on SD-card on its LCD-monitor
  • You can use the software to simulate its movement
  • You can record your voice on the SD-card for the robot to utter the phrase your voice
  • There USB-in
  • It can play music through a sub-woofer and its 11-Quilted dynamics.

You can play the java-games, and manage rich media menu. One of the most interesting new features robot – it is an opportunity to include one of four individuals or create your own:
1. RS Media
2. Service Bot 3000
3. Space Bot

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