Robot Science & Technology magazine’s BOOK of the MONTH

b911d2bcafFor robot building enthusiasts, newcomers and grad students. This is one of a very few encyclopedic tell-all’s that every robot builder must have. MIT PhDs Jones and Flynn, who make their living designing and building commercially successful robots, have packed this book with tons of useful basics from wide-ranging topics. They’ve included useful resources to help you understand the design, construction and operation of the autonomous robots you’ll build with this book. Lots of tables, illustrations & color photos.

Focusing on two home and classroom robot projects, TuteBot (built from Lego’s and Radio Shack parts), and the more advanced Rug Warrior, Jones and Flynn describe all the relevant topics: Design strategy, practical prototyping options, a wide variety of sensors, the mechanics of locomotion with wheel and legs, working with metal and acrylics, programming interface, real-time control, and microprocessors.
With this book, you’ll build two mobile robots, and understand the choices you made along the way. “Mobile Robots” is often called “the bible” of practical robot building. Contains several large, detailed appendices of schematics, programs, parts sources, trade magazines, and data books. Although written in ’93, this reference is truly timeless. The publishing company has years of experience specializing in providing college level science and technology books. 1993, A.K. Peters. 1348 pages, $48.00

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