NASA space shuttle launch today Endeavor to send “robot alien” space

F200803111332262283476724The space shuttle Endeavor in the U.S. NASA will be released on 11 Eastern time U.S., as scheduled. 7 astronauts and concentrated on October 9th at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This space trip Endeavor send the “robot alien” developed by Canada and the experimental module “La Esperanza” developed by Japan to the International Space Station.

It is an arduous task that flight of Endeavor, which set a new record in the duration and the number of spacewalks by astronauts on flight tasks NASA to establish the International Space Station. This space trip will last 16 days as scheduled. Its main task is sent to the International Space Station two-armed robot named Dextre and the experimental module “La Esperanza”, developed by Canada and Japan, respectively.

To install the robot and the experimental module on the International Space Station, astronauts intend to make 5 spacewalks. The total operation time will be approximately 30 hours. The astronauts jokingly call the Dextre two-armed robot developed by Canada Frankenstein, “Strange Science” described by the English writer Mary Shelley. Dextre, with arms of approximately 3.4 meters long each and about shoulder width 2.4 meters, is about 3.7 meters high, weighing 1550 kilos and has no legs or face.

Dextre, the robot’s name comes from the English word “Dexterous. Like its name, the robot can rotate freely on their waist and each of its two arms has 7 joints. In his hands, rather tongs, handles are installed, cameras and lights. However, Dextre can work with only one arm each time to avoid imbalance or shock in his hands. The initial purpose of developing Dextre is to help astronauts maintain the space telescope “Hubble” and the astronauts of the ISS to accomplish tasks and meet certain hazardous tasks outside the module in place of astronauts.