IBM has to teach a grant to develop a computer that has intelligence.

E-brainsIBM has to teach a grant to develop a computer that has intelligence. Rationale – the alleged growing flow of information, which is already positively nowhere to add, except electronic brains. All incoming information quickly people can not handle (and whether we should, we ask), and the computer can only do so within the specified filters. As for all occasions filters are impossible to satiate, imitating the work of the brain computer would become the main help analyst.

That is what is said in a statement the corporation: “The ultimate aim is ubiquitous computers that process information from various sources. These computers should be able to analyze ambiguous situations, abstract thinking, self-learning and problem solving through an integrated perception of internal knowledge and change the world around .

Financing of the issue to entrench the U.S. agency DRAPE (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). Modest sum – $ 4.9 million, so that specific results can be expected. To help engineers to IBM will also be available scientific resources of American universities – researchers from Stanford and Cornell University, as well as representatives of the University of California. Funding will be implemented by the Office of Defense Advanced Research Projects United States.

It is interesting to note that the company intends to build an electronic analog of the brain, rather than to create artificial intelligence in the form of software emulation (such projects also exist). It is planned to explore new computing architecture with analogs of neurons and synapses. And based on new elements to create a self-learning artificial mind.

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