Give Intelligence to Robots

Intelligence to RobotsHow to give intelligence to robots? The servants of the future must be reliable and competent for the tasks to be performed. We should be able to fully rely on them.

The robots can become more intelligent by asking for help
A company in Palo Alto believes that the best way to make intelligent robots, they would seek help to humans.

To put this idea into practice, then it causes robots to recognize objects, and when they do not, they asked the men to be identified. The process linked together until they are able to recognize all objects.

The Californian Company is considering the application of this method for his own robot PR2. Staff in the same way as personal computers, it has two arms and is designed to fund research and manipulation to the company. It could access areas dangerous to humans.

She has built a system of interaction between the robot and the man to enable him to ask what he does not understand. The robot sends images of what he manipulate assistants and when it appears in error, correct the latter. This system could be coupled to a service offered by Amazon, Mechanical Turk, which connects via the Internet businesses and persons offering their services for specific tasks remaining in their homes.

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