IBM received a patent for a system of Bionic Body Armor, allowing evade bullets

ibm-bionic-armorThe method of protection goals of the issued of a firearm projectile includes continuous monitoring and transmission of the location of a shell controller, which calculates its estimated trajectory based on real locations, and determines the position of the target, based on the testimony of relevant sensors, and then checks to see if the intersection of the projectile’s trajectory with location of targets. In the case of the reality of the collision controller employs a group of muscle stimulators that allow to move the potential victim in a predetermined direction with a force that will be sufficient to avoid any contact of bullets and a person.

Historically, some people because of their social status are at particular risk of murder. The situation of these people is especially vulnerable because they often have to go out in view of the crowd, which makes them easy targets for snipers. Usually during the assassination attempt shooter tries to be as far from the victim, which gives it a definite advantage of time. The maximum distance from which it was recorded when a goal scorer, is about 2500 meters, or four seconds of a bullet. And if the victim could know about her approach, it would be possible to simply step aside. As we all are aware, the best way to protect themselves from damage caused by spillage – is to completely avoid it. Therefore, the development of this technique is simply indispensable.

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