Human robot celebrates German premiere Institute for Cognitive and robotics at the University of Bielefeld opened
intelligent robots are in highly developed industrial nations play an increasingly important role – especially with a view to humans tailored assistance functions can be realized. In developing the robot is therefore especially the social skills and communication with the people in the foreground. Given these enormous challenges, the University of Bielefeld, supported by the North Rhine-Westphalia Ministry of Innovation, Science, Research and Technology, the Research Institute for Cognitive and robotics (CoR-Lab) “as a central scientific institution. The goal is to establish in the region Ostwestfalen-lip a research center in an important field of high technology to establish, to help achieve medium-sized economy and the University of Bielefeld with its research priority “intelligent systems”. Participation in particular, the research groups Neuroinformatics (Prof. H. Knight, Dr. J. Steil) and Applied computer science (Prof. G. Sagerer), widely for their work in the fields of artificial perception of the computer vision and neural control of movement are known .At the opening of the Institute, a research collaboration between the University of Bielefeld and the Honda Research Institute Europe Ltd. (HRI-EU) signed and the latest generation of robot ASIMO first time in Germany. Honda has its long-term cooperation with scientists from the University of Bielefeld decisively expanded and provides the CoR-Lab as the only academic institution in Europe two robot ASIMO for research purposes. The Honda ASIMO is the latest zweibeinige humanoid robot in the world. In addition, the Japanese finance group at the CoR-Lab PhD positions in the framework of joint projects. The development of intelligent robots, the people, for example, household help, no vision, but a key technology in the near future. Many scientific research institutions and companies in this sector. One of the key questions is the communication between man and machine. This work Bielefeld engineers and scientists in close interdisciplinary collaboration with scientists and humanities scholars. The aim is to explore human cognitive and technical systems with the cognitive skills to enable it to people interact in a natural way.