A robot to replace your remote

ApriPoco is a robot developed by Toshiba. From white and a height of 21cm, this little robot to look very nice you will relay the cupboard all your infrared remote controls so far allowed interreges you with your electronic devices! With ApriPoco, suffice it to its owner to learn gradually actions to achieve. In its learning phase you learn a word or phrase associated with an action while conducting it so that the robot can memorize. For example, you would say it “increases the volume of music” and at the same time you do this with your remote usual. Once ApriPoco the record he will not remain more than you state your phrase or keyword so that it handles the rest by contacting your electronic equipment. Even in the state of development, Toshiba has not yet announced a date for marketing, but it can be imagined that the arrival of robots in our homes is increasingly close and they accompany us in our soon everyday life.