The little robot at Aldebaran Robotics

The French company Aldebaran Robotics working since 2005 to develop a robot biped for the general public. The small humanoid named NAO is very promising since board functions mechanical, electronic and cognitive worthy of the best research prototypes! You can really see it as the little brother of the famous Honda’s ASIMO. Thanks to its integrated web cam is able to perform facial recognition. NAO is therefore able to identify a caller and respond to him through a speech synthesizer function. It also loads a wireless connection type Wi-Fi allowing a remote control robot (possibility to access the images captured by the web cam board). The robot is able to distribute content via its integrated speakers (MP3 playback by the network, reading mails…) It depose also understandable hands enabling him to take some objects. Nao top of its 57 cm (4Kg) is able to move and can operate autonomously for 1 to 3 hours depending on the number of times or you soliciter. This robot will be delivered by default with basic behaviors that will make a perfect companion for the whole family. But NAO is also a superb scalable platform that revere all passionate technology and programming. It will be possible to develop new behavior and to learn many interactions through URBI.URBI language is a Universal Interface for Interactive Systems (Universal Real-time Behavior Interface), which lets you control robots or interface games videos with a powerful scripting language. Based on a client / server, URBI is extremely flexible and can be interfaced with many programming languages (C + +, Java, Mat lab,…) and many environments (Windows, Mac, Linux). URBI offers powerful features compared to other scripting languages: management of parallel programming even emendable, dynamic variables, tagging orders… URBI is simple enough access so that everyone can use no need to be an engineer! ;) From lros, it is possible to imagine given the robot real support function for everyday tasks (surveillance, tele-assistance, information, real-virtual link…).
As you can see from the photo above, but Nao attracted not only by its technical aspect because its design is really very successful. You should know that the look of each robot is customizable, allowing everyone to have a single robot.
Below, you can see a video of Nao currently walk. For the moment, the algorithm march for Nao is static. That is the center of gravity remains in the polygon sustentation support of the robot, which is much easier to realize that walking dynamic where the robot is a disequilibria between two steps. The interest of the dynamic march is to allow a march more rapide.Nao is currently in the final stages of development, the first copies for the general public are normally available from the second half of 2007. Aldebaran Robotics refers to the first series, a prize marketing tower located in 2000/3000 €. A cerate high price for what could be described as a toy for adults but very reasonable in terms of technology on board.