ApriPoko the robot universal remote Toshiba

ApriPoko Robot Toshiba #1

Researchers at the company Toshiba have developed a robot speaking, can be used as a universal remote voice, to control various appliances. This little robot weighing 2.3 kilograms and measuring 21 x 27 cm, is therefore ApriPoko, and learns to order various equipment you watching (because it is equipped with a camera to identify users) and you questioning. Since the location you are positioned, the robot ApriPoko you notes and expects that you use a remote control. When the sensors detect infrared radiation emitted by the remote control, the robot speaks and ask: “What are you doing?”. When you have answered him, saying what you did ( “I turned on the radio” or “I changed for the next TV channel 58” for example), the robot ApriPoko record in his memory this operation. Then, next time if you want to turn on the radio or change the TV channel, just ask ApriPoko, providing a voice command and it will send the appropriate signal directly to the device. The robot ApriPoko, which is still in prototype stage, is still in experimental phase and development, but Toshiba has good hopes soon to launch a viable product, which will certainly be supplemented by other features to compete with its competitors in the field of domestic robot or robots company.