Robot is present in many international research programmes the USA, most federal agencies support programs in robotics. For example, with NASA missions and Sojourner Martiennes, NSF whose various programmes display thematic Robea, mainly in the division CISE ($ 190M budget in 2001), or DARPA. Most American universities have teams and laboratories in the field (particularly those referenced on this site), like the Robotics Institute of Carnegie-Mellon University, which concentrates more than 200 researchers in 25 projects ranging from exploration or planetary polar driving. It should be pointed out effort R & D industrial robotics in the USA. Thus the work of CMU develops and builds on the Robotics Consortium Pittsburgh.The Japan mobilizes ambitious projects in the field. The program launched in Humanoid Robot 98 (50 million over 5 years) is significant research efforts of this country, efforts that extend through activities of industrial R & D intensive (Sony, Honda, etc). Australia is also very involved in research in robotics, particularly for mining applications (see the association of Australian robotics), several of its universities are present at international level (including the ANU, UWA, Monash Univ., or Univ. of Sydney)
Europe has been active in robotics through several programs such as SPIRIT, Eureka, IMS (which involves an international partnership is broader than Europe), TIDE, Biomed, TELEMAN. It is now more focused in IST through the actions KA1, KA2, FET (ie, the network of excellence EURON), or action “Life-like perception systems”.