Facing domestic robots

Today one of the problems facing domestic robots is the lack of communication between robots and household appliances such as washing machines, stoves, etc. So, today the average job yet difficult to perform household duties: cleaning the floor, cleaning and folding the scattered items and clothing; loading washing machine, washing dishes, being in a closed box of medicines to the owner.

At the moment, Tokyo University of IRT is developing such a project, which, inter alia, funded by Toyota, Olympus, SEGA, Toppan, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Mitsubishi. This cooperation is not limited to simple financing, so, Toyota produces components, and Fujitsu is helping to develop software.

The following video shows how a robot assistant to perform housework: brings, a tray of dishes, cleans the clothes in the washing machine, moves the chair and works with a mop.

Characteristics of the robot:
– 32 degrees of freedom. Moves on the six wheels.
– Height – 155 cm (other dimensions – 65 × 70 cm).
– Weight – 130 lbs.
– System orientation. It has a total of five chambers: one – two wide-stereokamery, two telescopic cameras. There is a laser range finder and ultrasonic sensors, which are used for the detection of various objects, as well as pressure sensors. In addition, the robot with their movements builds a 3-D map, through which good is oriented in the surrounding space.
– Battery life approximately 30-60 minutes.