Robots Manoi PF01

robot2In Japan, and in some other countries is becoming a popular hobby – learning, build robots. Therefore, the market is constantly appear more new sets of robots. Kyosho Company sells a new version of the humanoid robot Manoi PF01.

User must gather more than 100 parts, including 17 servo motors for the joints Manoi and gyroscopic sensors that help the robot to keep balance. Assembly may take about 8 hours, and then will have much trouble with software to teach the robot to move.

Unlike most other robokomplektov which, for example, are designed for combat and football matches Robo-One, a robot Manoi PF01 can also dance and perform various movements …

The height of the robot – 40cm

Weight – 2 kg.
Design – Tomotaka Takahashi Tomotaka.
Degrees of freedom – 17.

Battery – Lithium-polymer.
New technologies – Shin-Walk, which allow the robot to move as a person without a permanent bent knees.

However, it is worth all this fun $ 2000. Yes, and instructions – in Japanese. Be quite difficult to understand.