Kushiro College robot

Kushiro College robot, multi-foot zone, 24-foot robot Trilobita of centipede. And walking in the zone, it appears the penguins from Trilobita, making it a “major evolution of life” is appropriate for the robot. “Our robot is” cheap! Light! “Thorough目指SHIMASHITA selling energy conservation. A series of trial and error, so the two-legged robot penguin, I created to No. 1-10. No. 1 was a metal, low-cost, lightweight with the aim of the final six to take place from No. Do not use metal. materials, plastic panels and the ME. I picked up a few things that (laughs) “(people of Kushiro College). Much trouble is that two-legged robot, through the air but unfortunately in the middle of the Penguins, did not finish惜SHIKUMO. However, many walking to clear the zone, at the moment沸KI emerged cute penguin was leading in the national tournament this year. ● Electrical Engineering who has contributed to the low-power, low-cost lightweight Aimed at saving energy, the two-legged robot. It was used in motor control technology related to electrical engineering. “Motor control was important. For less power to operate a motor circuit, a combination of motors purchased from the manufacturer, the motor is made in the original. Compatible with every manufacturer I have not struggled to open a hole in the motor and gear炙RI in the gas burner, and welded組MI合WASEMASHITA “(people of Kushiro College). Motor purchased is not a cheap choice for most manufacturers. Also, to improve the durability of the motor, “forced to change gears metal gear resins,仕上GEMASHITA a very robust high torque motor high speed” and also telling us. HAKATTA a result of these low-power, low-cost motor, cutter and TSUKURERU just saw, most of it dressed in a low-cost robots. In some ways that you Kushiro College produced the first practical process. One of you that UKAGAIMASHITA future goals. “In the future, we就KITAI to work in the field of robotics in the medical robot. In particular, we want to support the development of robots that people with orthopedic disorders. Therefore, my life for electrical engineering is closely bound to be a lifetime. “