A robot for beginners but also for experts

ASURO is a small mobile robot fully programmable in C that was developed in a high school robotics in Germany.

For electronics experienced assembly is a breeze. For others, the experience of the weld is still required. With the exception of circuit boards, all components are standard commercially available.

The programming is done only with freeware. ASURO is ideal for technical enthusiasts who want to start circuits controlled by a processor, research projects, training courses or evening classes for adults.

Since the electronics uses software Freeware, ASURO proves that it is possible to build a robot without operational software, technology and machine tools complicated and expensive.

ASURO owns, in addition to its RISC processor, two engines with individual, a follower of optical line, six detectors collision, two odometers for wheels, three-optic displays and a communication unit that allows infrared programming and remote control from a PC.

For those who ask the question, ASURO is short for “Small and Another Uhh …? Robot from Oberpfaffenhofen. The programming is done in C under Windows or Linux.