A robot for beginners but also for experts

ASURO is a small mobile robot fully programmable in C that was developed in a high school robotics in Germany.

For electronics experienced assembly is a breeze. For others, the experience of the weld is still required. With the exception of circuit boards, all components are standard commercially available.

The programming is done only with freeware. ASURO is ideal for technical enthusiasts who want to start circuits controlled by a processor, research projects, training courses or evening classes for adults.
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The small humanoid robot takes shape


A few months ago, I presented Nao the little robot at Aldebaran Robotics at the time it was forbidden to distribute photos or videos of the prototype but today things have changed. Now Nao is the day star, it is everywhere! It was thus seen make his first major public out at the last Fanny’s Party and the chain TV shows (see video later). Nao is a true technological marvel that has many device allowing him to interragir with its environment. It loads gcc a facial recognition system but also object. His speech recognition system is eglament impressive. For example, you can give the order “Read me my emails” and the robot through his speech synthesizer makes reading a few moments later. The most critical find that Nao is pale figure facing Qrio Sony or Honda’s Asimo, but we must keep in mind that this is not at all the same range. The robots from Sony and Honda are prototypes expirimentaux the coup astronomical (40 000 euro minimum the robot) while Nao is intended for the general public. Continue reading