A capsule medical robotics

Capsule Médicale Robotique #1The nano robotics laboratory at the University of Carnegie Mellon has developed a new type of robot that can be swallowed and controlled outside the body. The capsule has a small robotic arm adhesives that can be set on internal walls slippery and then come off without damaging the tissue. Using a remote control, doctors can tell the robot when out or retract his “legs” in order to fix or detach. Once ingested the capsule as any conventional pill, it can be used to take pictures of areas necessary, or make mini-films through a mini-camera, but it could also have other features, such as dissemination of a drug, tissue, or cauterization wound with a mini-laser, or other applications .. Continue reading

Robot Lovers on the issue of Tracks Arte

Tracks Robots-Lovers #4

A few days ago, Friday, February 22, 2008 exactly, the chain ARTE television broadcast in its issue TRACKS, a report on the following topic:
“Robot Lovers:
Cars without drivers, surveillance drones, sexual partners androids…: at a time when the South Korean government is working on drafting a charter of ethics of robotics, scientific and industrial robots invent the company tomorrow. “Rediscover therefore Nao and his friends in this news story very interesting…
Background of “Robot Lovers” on the issue of Tracks channel Arte:
Cars without drivers, surveillance drones or sexual partners androids: robots invade us. Continue reading

Rationalization with a human face remains Vision

Humanoid robots are among researchers a much-debated topic – deployments in enterprises and in everyday experts appear initially but unrealistic: So far, most such robots for the stage.
Augsburg. Matthias Hackel, managing director of Mabotic in Leverkusen has a new friend: SAM. Unlike his predecessor H10 can SAM with eyes rolling, his head move and gesticulate. The humanoid robot, the founder of a company to control and automation technology together with the University of Bielefeld has developed can be built FireWire cameras even target objects. The development of robot prototypes but rather was paid hobby as a profession, says Hackel, whose main business is the digitization of components. A real market for robots with human features and capabilities exist in Germany yet. But medium-sized companies monitor research at the human machines. Because in the future could the results of robotics research and industrial robots or everyday intelligent systems. “For many entrepreneurs, the robot technology as an important future topic perceived,” said Jochen Steil, managing director of the Research Institute for Cognitive and robotics at the University of Bielefeld (CoR-Lab). Continue reading

The latest humanoid robot

http://www.theautochannel.com/news/2007/08/29/060191.1-lg.jpgInvitation to the opening ceremony of the Institute of Cognitive and robotics “, the presentation of the new generation ASIMO, and to subsequent press conference
On Wednesday, 10 October 2007, the Research Institute for Cognitive and robotics (Cor-Lab) at the University of Bielefeld. In addition, a research cooperation between the University of Bielefeld and the Honda Research Institute Europe Ltd. (HRI-EU) signed and the latest generation of robot ASIMO first time in Germany. The event will take place in the presence of Professor Dr. Andreas Pinkwart, Minister for Innovation, Science, Research and Technology of North Rhine-Westphalia, and Tomohiko Kawanabe, board member of Honda research and development. Honda has its long-term cooperation with scientists from the University of Bielefeld decisively expanded and provides the Cor-Lab as the only academic institution in Europe two robot ASIMO for research purposes. The Honda ASIMO is the latest zweibeinige humanoid robot in the world. In addition, the Japanese finance group at the CoR-Lab PhD positions in the framework of joint projects. Continue reading

Robots to sink modern pirates

http://nexus404.com/Blog/wp-content/uploads/2007/04/robonova-1-robot.jpgThe U.S. Navy is testing robots boats to address the buccaneers of the 21st siecle.Selon Popular Mechanics the Navy has already tested at least two small USV (UAVs) in weapons designated to patrol ports and defend the vessels Condoles. The U.S. Navy and Coast Guard are both interested in the Protector, a USV than 30 feet long equipped with BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin and Rafael of Israel.
The robot is armed with a 7.62mm machine gun.
Stephanie Moncada, BAE Systems, said the robot would be able to consider a potential threat before firing in the job and sink everything he crosses. The favorite tactic of modern pirates seems to be to launch a bogus distress signal in order to ambush any vessel came to the rescue. Continue reading

The first humanoid robot located outside Japan

http://mind.kaist.ac.kr/3_re/HumanRobot/images/amio1.jpgThe humanoid robot HRP-2 arrived in France in Toulouse, where he will be formally presented on June 30 next. This technology platform is the heart of the research laboratory Franco-Japanese, the Joint Robotics Laboratory (CNRS, AIST), located on the site of the Laboratory for analysis and systems architecture (LAAS / CNRS, Toulouse). It offers a tremendous potential for research in robotics.
A humanoid robot is a mechanical system equipped with anthropomorphic arm for the manipulation of objects, legs for locomotion on various forms of surfaces, and a head equipped with cameras to the perception of the environment. It is characterized by its physical complexity inspired by the human body.
Born in Japan in 2003, HRP-2 weighs 58 kg and measuring 1.54 m. It owes its name to the project “Humanoid Robotics Project, a major research program in robotics led to the initiative of the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). Continue reading

Robot Spykee Cell commissioned

Robot Spykee Cell commandé par Bluetooth de Meccano

The Spykee Cell is another robot to climb you own Meccano. It is controlled remotely via Bluetooth (from a mobile phone). The robot can move and take pictures and send them to mobile phone. The module loudspeaker actually a hands-free device, if you want to use the robot to hear and speak… The manual says that it is for children from 8 years and young adults.
Just a precaution: If your child 8 years is a handyman and has a Bluetooth mobile phone worthy of the name, it could transform into a terminator … It’s a joke.

A robot assistant office designed by Hitachi

CliquezThe group diversified Japanese electronics Hitachi introduced Wednesday a new robot designed to assist employees in offices and to replace the hostesses to make a green tea to visitors, through its faculties of communication and travel.Called “Emiew 2”, this humanoid robot red wheels, 80 inches tall, is the descendant of Emiew, a first version designed by Hitachi in 2005. “Emiew 2”, which includes 27 degrees of freedom (joints), is lighter than its predecessor (13 kg instead of 15 kg).
The robot assistance, designed to “cohabit with humans, is able to move independently at a speed of 6 km / h, even a human pressed. He can communicate by voice recognition and knows how to move within a company through a radar to bypass obstacles, and a map of places he could establish himself.
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ASIMO the robot who leads the Detroit Symphony Orchestra

ASIMOASIMO, robot high of about 130 centimeters and developed by Honda Motor Co., has lead his first symphony orchestra in an interpretation of The Impossible Dream, from Man of La Mancha. From his voice child, the robot was sent to the public with a “Hello World”, before assuming his duties at the desk of the conductor. Continue reading

Robots domestic: the future .. tomorrow

Honda AsimoYou’ve probably seen the movie I, Robot with Will Smith. We all dream of having a domestic robot as the one presented in the film, a true companion who can think and talk, we protect, etc. .. ca not dreaming no more .. may be soon. In the meantime we can already have a domestic robot like the Robosapien commercial success at $ 99 .. and its derivative version Robot raptor the Jurassic Park.
If we could also get the little intelligent dog Aibo from Sony, which has sold 150 000 copies despite its price of $ 2400, well now this is no longer possible, Sony having stopped production due to non-profitability, and the humanoid Qrio it has never been marketed. Continue reading