Robots to sink modern pirates U.S. Navy is testing robots boats to address the buccaneers of the 21st siecle.Selon Popular Mechanics the Navy has already tested at least two small USV (UAVs) in weapons designated to patrol ports and defend the vessels Condoles. The U.S. Navy and Coast Guard are both interested in the Protector, a USV than 30 feet long equipped with BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin and Rafael of Israel.
The robot is armed with a 7.62mm machine gun.
Stephanie Moncada, BAE Systems, said the robot would be able to consider a potential threat before firing in the job and sink everything he crosses. The favorite tactic of modern pirates seems to be to launch a bogus distress signal in order to ambush any vessel came to the rescue. If the Navy ship launches self-the world’s oceans, they should be equipped with enough sensors, loudspeakers and microphones to alert all crew would have time to prepare a leak saving. Normally.