ASIMO is a humanoid robot developed by Honda

ASIMO is a humanoid robot developed by Honda. Asimo is an acronym for “Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility” pronounced “ashimo” (legs too “) in Japanese. His name accidentally recalls that of writer Isaac Asimov, author of numerous books on science-fiction on the theme of robotics and creator of the three laws of robotics. The design of the robot is facing a utilitarian purpose, unlike Sony robots whose goal is to create robots company (Aibo, Qrio). Asimo is a robot research, it is not marketed. Nevertheless, it has already been paid for some public events. It was also praised by large companies like IBM, in order to complete the task of hosting home. May 14, 2008, Asimo leads the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Michigan. The Detroit Symphony Orchestra, accompanied by cellist Yo-Yo Ma took during his last concert a conductor rather unusual in the person of Asimo, a small humanoid robot from Honda, which demonstrates once again its progress… The concert was given under the education program of the orchestra, partly funded by Honda, and had for hundreds of public school students in Detroit and its suburbs. Asimo led the orchestra and soloist on the score of “Impossible Dream”, the famous song written in 1965 by Mitch Leigh for the musical “Man of La Mancha” and for some of us also recalls the series “Quantum Code”… Eventually, Asimo will be able to help the disabled, elderly or sick. It may also carry out tasks dangerous to humans.