A robot assistant office designed by Hitachi

CliquezThe group diversified Japanese electronics Hitachi introduced Wednesday a new robot designed to assist employees in offices and to replace the hostesses to make a green tea to visitors, through its faculties of communication and travel.Called “Emiew 2”, this humanoid robot red wheels, 80 inches tall, is the descendant of Emiew, a first version designed by Hitachi in 2005. “Emiew 2”, which includes 27 degrees of freedom (joints), is lighter than its predecessor (13 kg instead of 15 kg).
The robot assistance, designed to “cohabit with humans, is able to move independently at a speed of 6 km / h, even a human pressed. He can communicate by voice recognition and knows how to move within a company through a radar to bypass obstacles, and a map of places he could establish himself.
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