University for the robot Asimo University of Bielefeld in the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany, opens tomorrow Institute cognition and robotics (CoR-Lab). The institute will carry out its research activities in the field of cognition and intelligent robots “, a scientific field in which groups of interdisciplinary research at the University of Bielefeld are distinguished, nationally as internationally. This year, the university will particularly benefit from its good relations with the Honda group.

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Robots’ Asimo ‘proved to be a referee Human robots’ Asimo ‘has learned a new trick: He can be equipped with a sophisticated hearing the exclamations of three people at a time. This is possible thanks to an order of eight microphones and a new Japanese scientists developed software.
Initially Asimo it simply acts as an arbitrator playing rock paper scissors. The ‘HARK’ referred to in the future software will also be able to cope with complex sentences, reports the trade magazine New Scientist. Eight microphones on the face and body of the robot provide input for HARK. The software analyzes the images to determine where a voice comes and separates them from other noise sources and the other speakers. Then HARK examine whether the individual votes really well insulated, before the data to a speech recognition software forwarded. This is the HARK system on the possibilities of the human hearing, said the researchers. “There can be several things simultaneously and not just listen to a single source of noise in focus,” says co-HARK Hiroshi Okuno of the Kyoto University. Continue reading

Honda Asimo at the University of Bielefeld

Asimo von HondaWith the success at the University of Excellence initiative is the cluster “Cognitive Interaction Technology” with an annual 6.5 million euros. In addition, the company decided the Honda humanoid Asimo robot two University for research on disposal. And these are really impressive technological Eisenstein. Before some time had ever been with us the luck in the world of robots and virtual reality with us at the University of Bielefeld station: the robot dog Aibo from Sony and opened the door to the virtual world technologies are called the CAVE you do not expect at a university, the inside looks at the shabby Unihalle as the abgewetzten jackets sociology students. Honda builds the case for the digital brain which is virtually the robot in “Cognitive Interaction Technology” cluster gets missed. Continue reading

Rationalization with a human face remains Vision

Humanoid robots are among researchers a much-debated topic – deployments in enterprises and in everyday experts appear initially but unrealistic: So far, most such robots for the stage.
Augsburg. Matthias Hackel, managing director of Mabotic in Leverkusen has a new friend: SAM. Unlike his predecessor H10 can SAM with eyes rolling, his head move and gesticulate. The humanoid robot, the founder of a company to control and automation technology together with the University of Bielefeld has developed can be built FireWire cameras even target objects. The development of robot prototypes but rather was paid hobby as a profession, says Hackel, whose main business is the digitization of components. A real market for robots with human features and capabilities exist in Germany yet. But medium-sized companies monitor research at the human machines. Because in the future could the results of robotics research and industrial robots or everyday intelligent systems. “For many entrepreneurs, the robot technology as an important future topic perceived,” said Jochen Steil, managing director of the Research Institute for Cognitive and robotics at the University of Bielefeld (CoR-Lab). Continue reading