Robots’ Asimo ‘proved to be a referee Human robots’ Asimo ‘has learned a new trick: He can be equipped with a sophisticated hearing the exclamations of three people at a time. This is possible thanks to an order of eight microphones and a new Japanese scientists developed software.
Initially Asimo it simply acts as an arbitrator playing rock paper scissors. The ‘HARK’ referred to in the future software will also be able to cope with complex sentences, reports the trade magazine New Scientist. Eight microphones on the face and body of the robot provide input for HARK. The software analyzes the images to determine where a voice comes and separates them from other noise sources and the other speakers. Then HARK examine whether the individual votes really well insulated, before the data to a speech recognition software forwarded. This is the HARK system on the possibilities of the human hearing, said the researchers. “There can be several things simultaneously and not just listen to a single source of noise in focus,” says co-HARK Hiroshi Okuno of the Kyoto University. Continue reading

Robots tribute to workers

asimo-wallpaper3The Japanese humanoid robots have regularly beautiful ‘buzz’ on the Internet each time a new energumen is shown to the press, they are not far from it, the species most prevalent. Their fellow who bossent without uncoupling in factories are thousands of times more numerous and equally impressive. Let them justice. Of a total of approximately one million robots in operation in the world, 40% are in Japan, 30% in Western Europe, and 15% in the USA. If we look at the figures, one finds that Germany alone totaled nearly 45% of the number of robots used in plants in Europe and France 10%, 3% of the working population robotics world. All these figures reflect another reality: that the settlements factories in a given territory. While Japan actually pushing dozens each year (not least) for electronic products and automobiles, among others, France sees its own leave, unless the Japanese Toray, Toyota and others do not build. Continue reading