Honda Asimo at the University of Bielefeld

Asimo von HondaWith the success at the University of Excellence initiative is the cluster “Cognitive Interaction Technology” with an annual 6.5 million euros. In addition, the company decided the Honda humanoid Asimo robot two University for research on disposal. And these are really impressive technological Eisenstein. Before some time had ever been with us the luck in the world of robots and virtual reality with us at the University of Bielefeld station: the robot dog Aibo from Sony and opened the door to the virtual world technologies are called the CAVE you do not expect at a university, the inside looks at the shabby Unihalle as the abgewetzten jackets sociology students. Honda builds the case for the digital brain which is virtually the robot in “Cognitive Interaction Technology” cluster gets missed. Continue reading

Latest humanoid robots in Bielefeld

will be inaugurated at the University of Bielefeld, the Institute of cognition and robotics (Cor-Lab). Thus, strengthens an already well-established cooperation between the university and the Honda group. It will provide researchers at the institute for the first time in Europe, two of its new humanoid robots “ASIMO” and will support financially positions of doctoral students in the framework of joint projects. The ASIMO is considered the humanoid robot biped most modern in the world.
The institute will carry out its research activities in the area of cognition and intelligent robots “, a scientific field in which groups of interdisciplinary research at the University of Bielefeld are distinguished, nationally as internationally. Continue reading