Honda Asimo at the University of Bielefeld

Asimo von HondaWith the success at the University of Excellence initiative is the cluster “Cognitive Interaction Technology” with an annual 6.5 million euros. In addition, the company decided the Honda humanoid Asimo robot two University for research on disposal. And these are really impressive technological Eisenstein. Before some time had ever been with us the luck in the world of robots and virtual reality with us at the University of Bielefeld station: the robot dog Aibo from Sony and opened the door to the virtual world technologies are called the CAVE you do not expect at a university, the inside looks at the shabby Unihalle as the abgewetzten jackets sociology students. Honda builds the case for the digital brain which is virtually the robot in “Cognitive Interaction Technology” cluster gets missed. In Bielefeld is a lot to the problem of human-machine interaction geforscht. Besides the application for the military determined that for years one dreams through the desert rennende robot army to build the robot as domestic help no more spinning. As in the movie iRobot help soon in Japan robots in the care of the elderly. Maybe I do come later a robot against a round I play Soul Calibur kann.Ich am in any case very curious what we in this area so everything is expected. I find it very unfortunate if too much is being discussed in how far such a risk developments mean for us or the date from which it raised ethical concerns. Maybe one is in the Western world too much by films with horror scenarios such as ‘The Animatrix affected. Perhaps it but also to the mentality of just us Germans first “no” to say without the chance to be able to estimate that some developments for us as humans might mean. That is what I said in my speech dies When the paper? noticed that some people still rather old-fashioned ideas. But this issue has now Amazon USA adopted and published with Kindle, the first e-Book is always online. Are not we living in exciting times?